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We focus on human connections by bringing people together. We create resonating team experiences and spark new ideas. Our team experiences are designed as single day or multi day programs.


Join us for a transformative 30-hour Outdoor Experience,  amidst the breathtaking setting of Het Kuinderbos. Together with Morakniv Ambassador Stijn van Oss, outdoor chef Wouter Kingma and foraging guide Gydo van der Wal, we’ve crafted an unforgettable journey into nature.

This immersive program is carefully designed to enrich your senses and deepen your connection with the great outdoors. From hands-on learning experiences to culinary delights, every moment is curated to inspire, educate and connect.

Picture yourself at our meticulously constructed outdoor base camp, where you’ll engage in captivating master sessions such as a sensorial tree knowledge trailwalk, a woodcarving masterclass, an outdoor cooking class, firemaking tutorials, and an expert-led foraging expedition.


Our Performance Adventure program is a truly epic (corporate) team experience. A bespoke program where we seek the balance between team objectives, the power of adventure and creating shared memories.


Where a team of experienced trainer/coaches and outdoor specialists use the spirit of adventure to build a solid team foundation. Focusing on trust, vision and your factors of success.


Why not take your team on an intense 32hrs, 48hrs or 72hrs Performance Adventure?

We believe that Human Connection is the stronghold for success.  We have designed the Team Connection Day around the following central theme; to enrich and (re)build team connection.

Recent years has made us move from the physical office into a digital workplace with online meetings, scattered working hours and limited human contact.

We designed a program where teams can get together in real time with real people. A day filled with ‘connection time’ and powerful content.

In the midst of nature with tasty nutritious food, a mesmerizing campfire and seriously good coffee. Crafting a unique setting where people can blend, exchange stories and connect. 

Want a program to enrich and (re)build team connection?
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With our MAKERS DAY program we aim to refuel the imagination, spark new interests, and cut through the digital clutter of modern day living with our accessible, and enjoyable Maker Sessions

We believe that working with your hands feeds creativity and makes you feel good, bringing a sense of pride with the object you just made, be it alone or with a team.


We create an unbelievable setting that's loaded with creativity, sparking all your senses. Supported by a unique mix of craftsmen, storytellers and artists sharing their trade and passion. 

Check a selection of ingredients we can offer by clicking the link below. 

Eating together makes life better. Simply said and so true. We also believe there is lots to be said about the joy of preparing a tasty meal together with great colleagues in the beautiful outdoors.

Sharing the experience of cooking over open fire, with fresh seasonal ingredients, using cast-iron pots, smokers and more …

Our Outdoor Cooking sessions are designed to include hands-on education, teamwork, excel your taste buds and allowing quality time around the campfire to share epic stories.
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During our Woodcarving Experience you will learn all basic skills you need to know on how to carve your own unique spoon, spatula, butterknife, coffee scoop, cake-knife, set of chopsticks, shot- or coffee cup from green wood.

Master Maker and official Morakniv Ambassador Stijn van Oss will take you along: tree-knowledge, felling-, pruning- and axe working skills, and all woodcarving techniques.

It is always a joy to see participants working in full concentration, getting into a meditative state of mind. This is why we call it WOODYOGA!


After taking part your view on trees and wood will be different than before!


Have you ever organized a strategy meeting outdoors?  


We deliver an unforgettable day out in nature, by creating and facilitating an uber original Bush Meeting.

Equipped with the flipcharts, hockers to sit on, a large canopy, a few creativity tasks, healthy snacks and seriously good coffee served in wooden mugs.

We believe in the power of Shinrin-Yoku, also known as forest bathing. Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese practice of going to the forest to reconnect with nature and improve one's health, well-being and happiness.


Providing all the right ingredients for a successful outcome!

Woodcarving Tuesday with Stijn van Oss X.jpg

During this evening program Master Maker and official Morakniv Ambassador Stijn van Oss will take you along the basics of: tree-knowledge, felling-, pruning- and axe working skills and all woodcarving techniques.


After the clear explanation and demonstration you will get the chance to carve your own item. We provide all the gear needed. 


We will provide you with all the tools needed and keep you hydrated with fresh brewed coffee from Moto (or tea and water). You'll go home with your very own carved piece of wood, as well as a Morakniv 120 woodcarving knife in a giftbox filled with a surprise. 

Every Tuesday from 18:00 till 22:00, held in the beautiful workshop area & shop of Kustømaid in Berlicum. 

For more info and bookings click the more info button.


Socialize with colleagues, receive a fresh oxygen intake and gain tree knowledge during this guided trail walk. 

All to get you energized for the next meeting ahead!


During our short Meeting Break Out we take your team on a sensorial trail walk along the world of trees. After attending you will experience the forest in a different way than before! 

Taking our lightweight hockers and backpacks filled with healthy snacks and fresh roasted organic coffee and tea, being ready to touch soil for a spontaneous Scandinavian coffee break (Fika). 

This Break Out can be given throughout The Netherlands as long as the meeting- or conference venue is situated in or next to a forest or park. 

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In Co-production with Salt Magazine we host Salt WoodCamp and WoodCamp XL.

At Salt WoodCamp we take you along the world of WOOD. From tree-knowledge to pruning-, axe- and woodcarving skills, from making a proper campfire into cooking and smoking tasty meals on open fire with the use of different woods. 

We provide short and more day Camps.
Send us a mail to pre-register your interest. 


The Maker Sessions are well connected with Salt Magazine. Together we Co-Create many Salt Meetups where we celebrate the outdoor lifestyle.

Salt Makersfest, Salt Dark Sky Weekend, Salt WoodCamp, Salt WoodCamp XL, Salt Summer Fest, Salt Herfst Fest, Salt Campvibes, Salt CamperFAN Weekend..gatherings we were happy to be part off, concept-, content-, and production wise. 

Stay updated for new Salt Meetups.

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