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Outdoor Cooking

food connects us all, food is part of who we are! 

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Eating together makes life better. Simply said and so true. We also believe there is lots to be said about the joy of preparing a tasty meal together with great friends in the great outdoors. In fact, food connects us all, food is part of who we are! 

Sharing the experience of cooking over open fire, with fresh seasonal ingredients, using cast-iron pots, smokers and more … all in collaboration with professional hosts. We touch on topics such as grilling, smoking, burning and get creative with a diversity of outdoor cooking equipment.

A proper fire is key, so we start our session sharing all the inns and outs of open fire cooking. Demonstrating technique on how to light a fire, wood choice and the smoking process.


We have full carnivore, vegetarian and vegan menu options. Ideally cooking with what’s in season and produced organically and locally. Depending on your requirements and group size, we may bring in guest chefs and food specialists. Everything to serve a good culinary experience.

Our outdoor cooking sessions are designed to include hands-on education, excel your taste buds and allowing quality time around the campfire to share epic stories.

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