Outdoor Cooking

from 3 hrs - full day | max 30 people/session | year through


When we say outdoor we truly mean outdoor!

During this tasty session we take you along the world of outdoor cooking on open fire. We show you a diversity of  outdoor cooking equipment, from the use of tripods to Dutch ovens or how to make the best plank smoked salmon. 

A proper fire is key, so we start our sessions sharing all the inns & outs on how to make and keep a proper fire going. Different techniques on how to start a fire, set-ups, types & scents of wood, the smoke process. 

In small groups you will prepare and cook several meals. When all meals are ready we take a seat around the campfire to enjoy our meals in the open air.


A selection of meals: Slow cooking Stew -  Plank Smoked Salmon – Dutch Oven Baked Bread - Biologic Vegetarian Pumpkin Stew  -  Sweet Pumkin with Ginger  -  Mushroom Risotto - Apple cinnamon dessert - Outdoor Coffee Brew.