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Stijn van Oss

Founder The Maker Sessions


Curious in life and work, he's a creative, a thinker, a maker who likes to conceive ideas with impact; concepts with the potential to effect positive change, creating experiences that ignite and resonate. Believes in 'what you want to ignite in others first has to burn inside yourself'.

"The goal I had with The Maker Sessions was to create an inspiring platform with an experienced group of Master Makers and Trainers. Aiming to refuel the imagination, spark new interests, and cut through the digital clutter of modern day living with inspiring team experiences, talks and workshops".  


The makers and trainers you will find on this platform are a selection of people Stijn got to know in the past 20 years. Some of them he booked for teambuilding projects, some for brand activations, with others he has been co-working on special projects like content creation or community events, and some he got to know in other occasions.  


"These are the makers and trainers who inspired me in taking me along their story. Talented and passionate people where I saw a flame burning in igniting the fire in others". 

He get's energy from seeing his passions spark something in others, especially when taking groups off the beaten track and into nature. Aiming to rediscover what ignites a persons or teams inner fire. Creating an atmosphere to reconnect, acquire new skills, and find the physical and mental space to share, embrace and explore unique team experiences. Experiences with a combination of storytelling concepts, group training, outdoor clinics and a variety of Maker Sessions. 

As a former pro skier, he feels at home out in nature, and in his spare time you will find him outdoors, chopping wood, painting, making art out of trash, or carving spoons and coffee cups out of fresh wood.

Stijn is officially part of the international Ambassador's team of Morakniv using their knives for his woodcarving projects and Masterclasses where he teaches and shares his passion with others. 

He is a true coffee addict,  he even designed an outdoor inspired coffee cup brand called The Muoto Muki Project. "it's that drink, and ritual, what fuels my best ideas".

"My profile picture above is made by my friend Albert Rösch on a late night summer hike in Edsåsdalen close to the summit of Rennfjället, Åre area. With a found reindeer antler on my back I'm enjoying the stunning sunset, a moment I will never forget".

With StoneKraft productions taking the role of creative lead and event architect, Stijn consolidates, over 20 years of experience in delivering corporate and commercial experiences, of any size. From brand activations and creating powerful content, to the realization of tailor-made teambuilding programs and Maker Sessions, always placing humanity, passion and sustainability at the centre of every concept.

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