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Wouter Kingma

Visual Storyteller - Content Creator

Wouter Kingma for Stijn.jpg

Wouter Kingma (1975) is a filmmaker, a photographer, a creator and adventure junkie. He wears many hats within the creative industry and loves getting called upon for unique projects and epic experiences.

After 20+ years of expat life and international productions, Wouter has recently returned to The Netherlands ready to start an exciting new chapter. He loves to share his stories from many years on the road, from working with big lifestyle brands and athletes to his personal work, shooting expeditions and his bespoke Arab culture books.


His work is varied and so are his stories. Thru his role as Canon brand ambassador he’s captured many souls with his technical knowledge, business journey and creative inspiration. Best summary of his work is his website and his blog with years of tales from the field.

“I love to create a space where others can grow and evolve.”

Wouter Kingma

On this makers platform Wouter is one of the key driving forces behind the Performance Adventure program and outdoor cooking adventures. This brings together many of his outdoor skills, passion and endless energy. Getting outdoors, sharing a few new tricks and foremost creating a few good stories together. Which is what life is about really … experiential storytelling.

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