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Gydo van der Wal

Founder of BUIT eetbare natuur

Foraging expert


Gydo is a passionate foraging guide who thrives on leading people through beautiful landscapes while imparting the art of foraging. Drawing from his experiences in the Marine Corps and managing his own beach pavilion and event company, he now channels his expertise into organizing foraging walks and courses, group outings, outdoor cooking, and trips through his company, Buit-eetbare natuur.

"I believe foraging offers a unique perspective on the natural world surrounding us, whether it's the local park or a sprawling forest. It fundamentally alters one's perception... It's this very perspective that I aim to impart to people."

For centuries, foraging has tapped into our primal instincts, offering not just a connection to nature but also a means to gather flavorful and nutritious ingredients. Isn't it great to venture outdoors and harvest your own food? Armed with some knowledge of edible plants and herbs, you can create a surprisingly delicious meal straight from the bounty of nature.

Embark on a leisurely foraging walk with Gydo from Buit. Engage your senses as you explore, taste, smell, and uncover edible plants, trees, and mushrooms. Gather the finest ingredients and blend them to a delectable lunch. Relax by the fire and relish in your self-foraged wild meal!

"Take the time to relish the new flavors of nature with me, fully embracing the authentic outdoor experience."

Photo credits: Ella Elisabeth

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