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Team Connection Day

To enrich and (re)build team connection!


Human connection is the stronghold for success. We have designed the Team Connection Day around a central theme; to enrich and (re)build team connection.

Recent years has made us move from the physical office into a digital workplace with online meetings, scattered working hours and limited human contact. We designed a program where teams can get together in real time with real people. A day filled with ‘connection time’ and powerful content.

We believe that fresh air fuels ideas so we host our programs in an epic outdoor setting. In the midst of nature with tasty nutritious food, a mesmerizing campfire and seriously good coffee. Crafting a unique setting where people can blend, exchange stories and connect.

We also believe in storytelling, creating your own stories and getting inspired by others. We bring in original speakers, get to work in our hands-on clinics (sessions) and challenge the team dynamics with our team activities. Stories guaranteed! 

While we do have the capacity to serve big groups, big isn't always better. We believe in creating an intimate setting where participants can really connect, work as a team and achieve the desired results. The Team Connection programs are suited for groups up to 30 participants.

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