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Team Energizers

from 1,5 hrs - half day | max 40 people/session | year through


Our Team Energizers can be seen as eye-openers and are used to create positive change within teams. Taking leadership, listen to given suggestions, define team strategy and take initiative, all followed by a high dose of concentration and teamwork, topped with a competitive flavor.

Our energizing exercises will be used as “instruments”. During the exercises the process is the most important issue. All individuals will work together in different teams. Important parts of the program are listening to each other, sharing knowledge, creative thinking, problem solving by working as a team.

The assignments are to ensure interaction between cooperation, competition and thinking in metaphor. We challenge the group participants to think outside the box. After the assignments we provide the teams with feedback.

Both mental and physical skills are demanded from the participants. Individual performance levels are taken into account. People with physical “difficulties” will be involved in the active assignments as coach / team leader / coordinator and will be given the lead in the assignments. This will ensure that all participants of the team have an active role.

We offer a wide range of team exercises such as:


Cracking the Code, Avalanche Rescue, Height Challenge, Cave Rescue Debriefing, Jeep Special Task, Treasure Hunt, Trial by Fire, High Speed Navigation, Blindfolded Campsite, Birma Bridge, IQ-Test, The Web, Ice Rescue, The Magic Square, The Braindrain, Transceiver Codes, Word Rope, Expedition Canoe, The Puzzle, Construction X.

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