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Wood Carving

from 3 hrs - full day - 24 hours | max 25 people/session | year through

Woodcarving by Stijn van Oss_edited.jpg

During this woodcarving session you will learn all basic skills you need to know on how to carve your own unique spoon, spatula, butterknife, coffee scoop, cake-knife, set of chopsticks, shot- or coffee cup from green wood. 

Master Maker and official Morakniv Ambassador Stijn van Oss will take you along: tree-knowledge, different types of wood,  and how to read wood- and woodgrains. All steps will be covered like: pruning- and axe working skills, woodcarving techniques, boiling and drying process, sanding and oiling the wood. 

After a clear explanation and demonstration you can start creating your own piece. It is always a joy to see participants working in full concentration. Participants often describe that participating this session brought them into a meditative state, we therefor also call it Wood Yoga!

After taking part your view on trees and wood will be different than before!

  • We offer a variety of sessions within woodcarving.
    -  'workshop only' sessions,
    -  full day sessions to,

    full catered more day WoodCamp settings

  • From oktober 10th 2023 we will start 'WOODCARVING TUESDAY', each Tuesday held from 18:00 till 22:00 at Kustømaid Skistore in Berlicum. Max 10 participants per evening session. Contact for more info here

  • Our workshops can be added with smaller sessions like: Making Fire, Outdoor Coffee Brew and/or a proper Fika Lunch, and/or to finish this sessions with some Outdoor Cooking and a drink around a campfire.

  • We can also provide a special 24 hour Performance Adventure program customized to your needs. Check 'Team Experiences' for more info. 

Check out the Mini Documentary 'De Houtmeesters' (The Woodmasters') and the gallery below to get an impression about this session  Check the 24 hour Bergans Energy Event compilation to get an impression about possibilities regarding a 24 hour team event. 

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