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from 3 hrs - half day | max 30 people/session | year through


Always wanted to be a (weekend) Lumberjack and to know more on how to prepare your firewood? In this Lumberjack session we will take you along the world of wood by sharing tree knowledge, wood splitting techniques, and all skills on how to make the perfect fire, indoors and outdoors.   

Our session starts off with boosting your tree- and wood knowledge. As there are so many different species of trees it is useful if you can identify the most common tree species before start working with it.  Each species has it's own characteristics. Indicators like heat content, burning characteristics, density will be explained. Smell, touch, sight, hearing and even taste will pass by. 


After the clear explanation we will demonstrate different sawing- and splitting techniques which you can try out yourself. The use of the Nordic Pocket Saw, splitting wood with an axe, making firewood with a small axe or the use of the Kindling Cracker. We also go through some different options on how to staple your wood so you can prepare your firewood at home. 


We will finish the session around a campfire with sharing some skills on how to make a proper fire indoors and outdoors. Let's see who's got the skills to ignite a fire by the use of a fire steel and some birch bark. 

  • Pending on time this session can be added with a woodcarving session and/or or an Outdoor Barista session.

  • An ideal setting to add our Storytelling session. Boost your presentation skills with the do's and don'ts in Storytelling. The perfect setting around a campfire!

  • We can offer a Swedish Fika lunch and/or ending the session with a nice grilled snack. 

  • We can also provide original Lumberjack Shirts to all attendees.

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