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Coffee Roast & Brew

from 3 hrs - full day | max 20 people/session | Summer, Fall


It's the drink where we all gain our best ideas from; Coffee, good coffee! Master Roaster- and Brewer Tewis Simons takes you along a storytelling- and tasteful Coffee journey. From growing into harvesting, from roasting into grinding and from brewing into tasting.Only organic coffee beans are used during this session. 


Tewis Simons has been working with and in coffee for the last 16 years. During this period, he became familiar with all the trades needed to run and build a coffee brand. In 2018 Tewis started, together with two companions, a new coffee brand and roastery called Moto Coffee. This new company is the result of all the failures and successes of the last 16 years.

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