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Champagne Tasting

from 1 hr | max 50 people/session | year through

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Experience a champagne tasting focused on independent winegrowers, known as vignerons indépendants.

This Masterclass is a unique experience that cannot be compared to other tastings. It is suitable for all champagne lovers who want to learn and taste everything while enjoying the full wine tasting experience. We will not only taste delicious champagnes from small producers but we can also pair them with food to discover hidden gems! 


This Masterclass will be hosted by Jaqueline Smit.

Through her company Dis Donc, Jaqueline works directly with champagne families in France to promote their quality in the Netherlands. She supplies top-quality champagnes to the country's leading gastronomy.

During the Masterclass, the following topics will be covered:

• The history of Champagne

• How champagne is made

• Taste the differences between no less than 5 to 10 champagnes

• Terroir champagne: tasting of different grape varieties

• Tasting of different degorgements: extra brut, brut nature, brut, demi-sec.

• Champagne techniques: opening, pouring, and storing

• Use of professional tasting glasses

As a supplement we can offer:

- A Tree Knowlegde Masterclass with high focus on the Birch, also known as 'the lady of the forest' 

- An Outdoor Cooking Class where original Salmon Smoking will be present!

- A Storytelling Session combined with making fire

- food pairing (with small bites)

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