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'The perfect venue for a bush- or strategy meeting and to re-connect'


Is the perfect training venue for bush- and strategy meetings, and to re-connect with colleagues, to get inspired, and to reignite your inner fire.

'The name 'BOSBERAAD' comes from South Africa and stands for a bush meeting; a strategy meeting held outdoors'.

From 2021 our office and storage is located at BOSBERAAD where we combine our skills into hosting teamtraining experiences that will resonate. .

We believe in creating an intimate setting where participants can really connect, work as a team and achieve the desired results.

We offer Day- and multiple Day Programs

Awaken your creativity with a selection out of our wide range of inspiring Maker Sessions. Get a fresh perspective, increase your oxygen intake and productivity, and leave the digital distractions at the office! So everyone can return to reality refreshed and focused for the business challenges ahead.


  • a 200 m2 two-wing meeting room supported with AV equipment accompanied with a stunning view.

  • a separate meeting 'barn' for break out sessions accompanied with a firestove, small kitchen, AV equipment and view on a vegetable garden.

  • a big sized lunchroom with a cosy fireplace where we serve conscious and local food, all with a sustainable approach.

  • two acres of nature with a small swimming lake, an orchard with apple- pear- and cherry trees, a fully equipped 'roofed' outdoor cooking spot and open fire place, and beautiful 'escape' spots for break out sessions in nature.

  • a big field surrounded by trees to pitch tents.

  • a small forest to be used as an escape spot or to overnight in hammocks.

  • a cosy cabin on wheels with lake view for 'one to one' meetings. 

  • a roofed workshop barn fully equipped with tools for hosting creative and artisan 'art' and 'construction' sessions.

We pride ourselves in customizing, designing, and facilitating bespoke teamprograms to meet your desired outcome.


'Feel welcome for a nice cup of organic coffee to discuss the many options we's that drink where we all gain our best ideas from!'

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