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Voice Class

from 2 hrs - full day | max 20 people/session | year through


Making your voice work for you!

When they say that 'the eyes mirror the soul' I’d like to replace “the eyes” with “the voice”.

It might be the reason that we feel so vulnerable when singing or standing in front of a crowd and talk. But instead of feeling obstructive by your voice you can make it work for you. When you find the skills of this beautiful instrument you can add so much more flavor and depth to the message you’d like to bring or the music you want to sing.


During this session we will teach you some tools on how to better control or use your voice in public situations while presenting or singing, or to improve your storytelling skills. You’ll find out that besides body-language your voice can empower you and bring you a lot of pleasure. Your voice should be heard!

Odeke de Koning will take you along the Voice Journey. Odeke has worked (and still does) as a professional Jazz- & Pop singer for over 20 years. Next to that she works as a vocal coach at the Dutch Musical Academy.

Since 10 years she is hosting the North Sea Jazz festival stages. She still finds time for writing lyrics, composing songs, supporting new album recordings with backing vocals, live performances and coaching people. 

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