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Tewis Simons

Founder Moto Coffee


Tewis Simons has been working with and in coffee for the last 16 years. During this period, he became familiar with all the trades needed to run and build a coffee brand. In 2018 Tewis started, together with two companions, a new coffee brand and roastery called Moto Coffee. This new company is the result of all the failures and successes of the last 16 years. 

Moto Coffee is about creating healthy, organic quality coffee. Although being healthy is by large a personal search for everybody, there are some common factors. With Moto Coffee we want to offer one of these common factors: the healthiest coffee option there is. Always trying to make sure our customers and farmers don’t get exposed to mold, toxin and pesticides.


This is done by sourcing and roasting only organic quality arabica coffee from around the world. Why organic: The reasons for this, is quite simple. It is, at this moment, the best way to protect all the people and ecosystems in the coffee chain regarding health hazards caused by toxins and pesticides. We carefully look at the processing in origin to minimize risks regarding mold on the unroasted coffee beans.


Our coffees are roasted to highlight the individual characteristics of these coffees. This process is done with the highest precision in our own roastery. Our wish is to truly inspire people to take the healthiest coffee option. We do this through providing information roasting, the ingredients and preparation. When this is done, it’s time to enjoy your daily cup. Life is truly too short to unconsciously consume coffee which does not benefit you in any way. Every-day we will keep on searching for new information and improving our products. 

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