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Street Art

from 45 min. 1,5 hrs - full day | no max people/session | year through

Action Painting Screen TMS.jpeg

During our paint session we combine ‘Action Painting’ and ‘Street Art’ where it is all about following your intuition. Expressing your thoughts in a fast and conceptual way by painting them on a canvas. No need waiting till the paint is dry before heading on. 

This energetic Art Session always starts with a colorful and inspiring presentation. We will take you along the meaning of the 'Colour Emotion Guide' and examples of famous oneliners from big brands.

We talk you through works of artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Banksy, Pablo Picasso, Mondriaan and Van Gogh and many others.

After the talk you will work in teams creating a concept to translate your teams vision, ambition and factors of success into an impressive piece of Corporate Art! When your concept is clear it is ready to take Action!


Get ready to express yourself!

  • We can arrange canvasses in all dimensions possible

  • We can provide special request colors

  • Floors will be covered and participants will receive overalls and gloves

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