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Ski Building

from 2 days | max 6 people/session | year through


Design and create your own full customized ski with a real wooden top layer of choice. Your handcrafted ski's will be your best companion on the slopes and an iconic piece of art on your wall!

In a craft session of 2 days you will create and design a full customized ski. Master Maker Bart van der Valk will guide you in every step of the process and will ignite you with all his knowledge and (wintersport) stories!


You will define your personal ski preference into your own shape, bend the needed steel, glue and vacuum the different materials and give your pair of ski’s the finishing touch with a layer of real wood. As you can choose your own type op wood-layer and it's specific woodgrain, this part will give your design the final 'handcrafted' touch.

During this session Bart brings his passion for wood, his esthetic eye and his knowledge of wintersport together. As an experienced and driven bootfitter and an enthusiastic craftsman he offers ski-build clinics for small groups. 

Note; be prepared when taking them to the slopes! Many people will ask you where you bought your pair of ski's, how cool is that?  

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