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Roland Prinsen

Producer & Location scout film/tv,

Outdoor trainer & adventurer


"The common thread of my work and adventures is combining different trades, sports and experiences. I thrive when I sail at northern latitudes, climb and ski remote mountains, or parachute jump from old airplanes into history."


"As an outdoor instructor I have worked with clients in many different locations worldwide. This has given me valuable insights on human behavior in remote settings. All these experiences I bring together in my work for the TV and film industry. 

I am
an expert in location scouting and enjoy creating adventure reality programs or outdoor training sessions for companies. I’ve worked for most Dutch TV production companies. Some are also international known: ITV studios, Warner Bros. Most is produced for Dutch broadcasters like Avro Tros, BNN VARA, RTL, SBS6, Veronica and Insight Television. 

A remote empty environment, with no trace of human interference (mind the contrails!) is one of the most powerful settings a person can experience in his/her life.

I have a strong sense for detail and safety and am flexible to adapt to the specials needs or whishes of the individual client. Creating these experiences within the Netherlands can be a challenge, but I like to tackle with creativity. Workshops which promote self-reliance, resilience and build confidence have my preference. "

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