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Pascal Labrie

Chef & Founder KARMA SHOARMA


Became his childhood superhero; A CHEF!

In his kitchen on the wall you’ll find a very old recipe of a chocolate coconut mousse, made when he was 5, the age when the fire in his passion for cooking was lit. 

Fast forward 32 years later and instead of a cape this guy was wearing an apron amongst Michelin star chefs and cultivated his way of cooking by being inspired by nature. 

“Food connects people. During a home-party the kitchen is always the place where the deep conversations are made. When this kitchen is not the average home, but an open fire, magic happens!”

Pascal worked in kitchens throughout The Netherlands and the United Kingdom but after counting the white tiles in so many kitchens it was inevitable that what kept him going through the day; working with nature, called him home. 

A deep passion for camping, outdoor cooking and working with the seasons resulted in cooking & workshops with different fire techniques that always involve local plants at the forefront of every dish

“Throughout the years I realized that as a chef you have the responsibility to show people what we eat and how this has an impact on nature. When working with some of the best ingredients in the world you get spoiled as a chef but its also boring in a way. On the top level of kitchens you strive to work with the best ingredients only and a lot of research goes into where it comes from. Over the years I’ve came across too much information to put aside, I have a deep love for nature, especially the forest and the beach and our world is heavily affected by the way we eat. Inspiring people with super tasteful food that can help us all to sustain this planet a bit more is my prime goal” 

Inspiring people on cooking classed and with high-end sustainable dinners caught the attention of the mother of all festivals in The Netherlands; Lowlands.

They acknowledged this ideology and asked Pascal  to create the most sustainable night-snack on the planet. Kebab made out of celeriac was born in 2018, an instant succes and gearing up to take the world by storm. 

Former chef turned kebab king, but still active in spreading the word through food; 

"Lets eat the planet a little better, 1 bite at a time. I’m looking forward to inspire you on how easy and fun this can be"

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