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Odeke de Koning

Jazz- and Popsinger, Vocal Coach, MC

Odeke live 1.jpeg

Odeke has worked as a professional singer for over 20 years. She likes to go on an adventure with her melodies, and for her the most suitable playground for that is jazz music. Performing for her is in the first place about playing music.


She connects and takes a ride together with her fellow musicians and her audience, and performs in her own transparent ways. Next to that she lets herself be inspired by other sources such as teaching on the Dutch Musical Academy, hosting the North Sea jazz festival stages, writing lyrics, composing songs, supporting backing vocals on other album recordings, and so on. 


Odeke likes to share her passion for singing and playing with music and shows you what it could bring you. She is convinced that more people in the world want to sing than do sing and likes to turn that around. She knows It can bring joy on so many levels and it can take you back to the days where you forgot about the time because you were totally lost in your play.  


“Of course, it can be scary to sing,  as it shows who you truly are, that’s the magic!”

Now let’s play.

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