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Night Photography

from 2 hrs - half day | max 10 people/session | Fall - Winter


When photographing at night, you work completely different than during the day. In this workshop you will discover the secrets of night photography in a hands-on photography workshop.  We will explain all the settings you use best to make beautiful night photo’s. Join us on an evening full of excitement.

Night photography is a spectacular form of photography. In many ways it is completely different from daytime photography. You will discover many new possibilities in the dark. The absence of light gives a completely different atmosphere and a completely different view of your photography.


Photographing the stars and the galaxy is not easy in the Netherlands. There are not many places where it is completely dark. However, there are still possibilities to do this. What we need is a cloudless sky with preferably no full moon. If not, we can move to a nearby harbor or practice some light painting.

What do you need for this workshop:

Digital SLR or system camera, Tripod, Cable release (not required but very handy), Small lamp.

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