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Natasha Bloemhard

Founder of Salt, community builder, storyteller

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Founder and thé creative mind behind Salt (since 2006), the outdoor lifestyle community for the curious, the adventurous, the creative, the spirited. Natasha is a true believer in living the lifestyle.

She has been active in the world of outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living for more than 25 years and knows like no other how to translate this to Salt. She is an endless source of inspiration, guides stories seamlessly through the creative process and she knows how to motivate a wide audience.

“I am driven by the desire to inspire people to step outside, try new things and lead a meaningful life. I encourage adventure and I love to connect with people, brands and organizations that use the power of creativity for positive change. To stand out in a busy world we all have to do our best to make our message, our story super-useful, truly inspiring and deeply relevant. It’s my passion and purpose to bring you along on this journey.”

"Child of adventurous and nature loving parents who taught me that a great and compelling life is found in the small things. Started my own business - a comic book library - when I was 12. I am a drop-out at school who learned her skills on the way by doing it. Found my love for the great outdoors when I started windsurfing at 16 followed by mountainbiking, snowboarding, hiking and kayaking."

"Worked at various publishers of special interest magazines in the world of outdoor and action sports. Took all the lessons with me and started in 1993 my own business on the attic room of my house. Followed my heart. Started Funbox magazine in 1994 with a friend. Along the way we stumbled, got up again and let it grow into the largest action sports community of the Netherlands. After 11 years it was time for the next step and in 2006 we launched Salt."


"As of today Salt is the outdoor lifestyle community in the Netherlands. From our office in the harbor of Amersfoort we work with a small team with passion and purpose to inspire positive change"


"I love to walk my dog, great coffees are a must and I recently added stand up paddle boarding and bouldering to my outdoor life".

Natasha can be booked for lectures and speaker sessions about community-building and storytelling. These sessions will not only be about listening, Natasha will activate you to work out some interactive tasks and assignments.

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