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Misha de Bok

Creative connoisseur for the culture, music & lifestyle industry,

Consiglieri for brands, creatives, start-ups & scale-ups

Children’s book author & Spotify Playlist curator


Misha de Bok is a well-rounded entrepreneur with a passion for creativity and adventure. He has a diverse range of skills and experiences that have helped him build multiple successful businesses. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Misha has been able to navigate the ups and downs of the business world and come out on top.

Crafting Life's Treasures: transforming time, passion, & expertise into socially conscious creations that touch people, not the planet.

“As a creative, I have a passion for exploring and discovering life's hidden treasures. My eyes are open to the small, yet significant details that bring wonder and excitement to everyday life. With my businesses and entrepreneurship, I strive for personal fulfilment and social impact by living my values and passions. I let my creativity guide me down my own unique path, embracing new and innovative ways to make a difference.”

One of the most notable aspects of Misha is his commitment to social impact. He has a deep desire to make a difference in the world and has used his businesses and projects around the world as a vehicle for change. Misha has worked with various non-profits and charities to support causes that align with his values.


Misha's passion for creativity is also evident with his love for contemporary art and rare finds, which he incorporates into his daily life. His appreciation for gastronomy and Japanese whiskey also adds a touch of sophistication to his adventurous spirit.


With a strong focus on personal growth and development, Misha is constantly learning and seeking new experiences. He has taken on various roles throughout his career, including CEO, co-founder, and creative director, and has gained valuable skills and knowledge from each position which gave him the ability to balance his professional pursuits with his personal well-being.


Overall, Misha de Bok is an inspiring entrepreneur who embodies the values of creativity, adventure, and social impact. With his diverse skill set, dedication to personal growth, and passion for making a difference, Misha is a leader in the business world and an example to others.


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