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Micha van Herk

Founder iQ Agency


"The quote of Charles Darwin has always inspired me 'It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change' and I truly believe in his philosophy. During my journey to develop myself I kept this sentence always in my mind…and still I do"

Micha started his diverse path at a young age. His passion for judo brought him into the Dutch team and gave him a lot of experience how to deal with hard work, discipline, celebrating successes but also how to handle loss.


After 10 years of living as an athlete he decided to join the military. And add his value as a physical and mental trainer for the special forces team members to let them execute at a high-performance level for their fieldwork operations. During his military career Micha developed himself as a real team player and his curiosity to trigger people to act “out of their comfort zone”.  


Due the fact a human is always curious, the next journey was ahead for Micha. 

Individual development and self-reflection were the key elements to start as an entrepreneur in an environment with a completely different dynamic. He builds an agency in the last 16 years who brings people together and guide small teams to a higher performance level. His strong believe, enthusiasm and natural leadership help people for taking the next step and cross their individual borders. 

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