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Marije van de Vlekkert

Graphic designer, travel photographer, founder Wenskaars


Marije is a freelance graphic designer, travel photographer and the creative brain behind the Wenskaars: a card and candle in one. One moment she is working on a laptop designing for a client and the next she is melting beeswax in the kitchen for her own Wenskaars or traveling to a remote native tribe to take photos for a travel magazine. 

As a designer with over 20 years of experience, she has worked for various agencies and brands. 

“I came up with ideas behind a table, executed them in a studio, and finished them in a printing company. Because of this broad experience I can oversee a complex project, switch quickly and ensure that the design is both visually and technically correct. God is in the detail.”


She got into travel photography through her work as a designer at a travel magazine. She does not come from an adventurous family herself, but her work has changed her view of travel. Avoid the crowds, be interested in the locals and their customs, that will enrich your life. She herself likes to travel to remote areas and is a real outdoor girl.

“Nature inspires me. Feeds me. Takes me to simplicity. You are too tired, too cold and too hungry to be anyone but yourself.”

Her creativity flows even further than the camera and the laptop. She created the Wenskaars because she loves the magic of a handwritten message. Sending an app may provide two check marks, but does it really arrive?

“I want to inspire people to really connect again. With themselves, with each other. In a remarkable way.”


The Wenskaars is a 100% natural product, which she makes herself from pure Dutch beeswax. It's like a greeting card. You write something on it and mail it in an envelope. Only the recipient can roll this card up into a candle. Marije makes everything herself, from the candle and the crayon to the content for the website and social media. Her business partner takes care of the rest and is her creative sparring partner.

"As a Maker you have the ability to manipulate. To make people think in a certain direction with your idea. I like to use my powers for positive change. I like to work with likeminded people who think about this question:
How does what I do affect the world around me? How can we inspire people. Connect with them. Make them smile!"

Are you looking for someone who can clearly shape your idea?

Based on her broad experience, Marije likes to think along with you, outside the box. And so it may just be that you don't get what you want, but you do get what you need.

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