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Maidie van den Bos

Founder Forêt Atelier / Bloesembar

Landscape Scents and Infusions, Plantbased alcoholic fermentations, Landscape cocktails

Het Laatste Eiland- Ruben Hamelink-TEMP

Maidie, trained as a designer moving from space to landscape and culture, is an autodidact forager since 2014. Great love is found within the wealth of edibility and fragrance wild flora offers her, through applications in food, perfumery, esthetics and health-care, both historically and in all its future possibilities.

It comes intrinsically to her being to connect flora and fauna with scent and taste to fully understand the basic human desire to connect with nature. Herewith her knowledge on captivating the surroundings aroma’s, holds a strong balance with the ability to curate the relationship between landscape and the human body.


Maidie radiates trust with her knowledge, she performs as an advocate for nature, finding a voice for the perspective of flora and fauna, infatuating her guests with her concoctions and rites as a contemporary healer of people and landscape. Her technical ability of captivation is her expertise. The creation of added value for theatre and cultural events, in combination with storytelling, takes the form of a modest, yet compelling experience, connecting people, senses, time and place.


‘Organizing outdoor experiences with the wild flora offered in a green urban zone, a forest, or the seaside, often comes with surprises on season and available plant-life. Sharing my knowledge, experience and intuition with modesty, respect and gratefulness, I only guide my guests through a creative process, with unexpected outcomes in drinks and scents. I‘m most appreciative when people trust nature and their gut to apply our foraging to their body. With fresh insights on the amazing resilience nature shows us, reciprocal care for our surroundings is beneficiary to ourselves being nature’.

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