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Kristian Bøe

Founder Hattvika Lodge

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Life is a game-changer – so for Kristian, born and raised in the Lofoten islands. After working in the IT-industry for 25 years he moved from Oslo and back home to Ballstad to start-up Hattvika Lodge 4 years ago. From dress-code to OUTDOOR ROOTED in seconds, HATTVIKA LODGE has become a lifestyle.

Kristians wife, Guri has been landlords at Ballstad for 5 generations and holds many buildings and areas used for the fishing industry since 1852. The modernization of the fishing industry have made grounds for new business and Kristian with his wife have restored 16 unique fisherman cottages to modern, but still authentic accommodation rentals at the sweetspot of the Lofoten islands.


"In adittion we newly build 10 new HILLSIDE cabins to bridge the historic and authentic gap between heritage and the future. In total we have the perfect basecamp for the active guest or event that want to explore the Lofoten islands year round"


"Lofotens pristine scenery is the perfect arena for outdoor events and our facilities is the perfect match for guests that want the authentic, still modern facilities to be accommodated in the very best location in the Lofoten islands." 


Most likely your adventures will be guided by Kristian that holds profession license for ski mountaineering, hiking and sea kayak adventures.


HATTVIKA LODGE is OUTDOOR ROOTED and holds guides for hiking, ski mountaineering and sea kayak adventures.



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