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Josef Bergman

Founder Dalens Gård


Swedish but as good as native in Dutch, English and Greek as in Swedish. Born in south of Sweden and currently based in the far north, in the land of Sapmi and reindeer living the luxury of true nature.

At the end of the road, almost, about 200 meters till the end lays Dalens Gård, a small B&B that has a history of over 200 year. Josef moved here from Amsterdam in 2010 and has been hosting individuals and groups from all over the world, mainly he has had guided adventure tours here in the past.

In the hectic society we live in today, human kind needs to get in touch with nature to feel a certain calmness that is hard to find these days. When Josef moved here in 2010 he knew this is it and would not move again, also the hope is to share his knowledge and experiences on how to navigate the roadless landscapes, mountains and lakes, how to find the small things in the big nature. Sometimes it could even mean to find yourself, this is what he found.

Josef loves skiing while being a ski-instructor but also to share his passion for nature and what Scandinavia and in this case, his small village of Edsåsdalen has to offer. With just 100 inhabitants the village still has the beauty and calmness people often search for.

"Once I guided a group down from a mountain cabin where we have had enjoyed a traditional dinner, it was winter so we were hiking down with snow-shoes. We normally hope to see northern lights or perhaps ‘just’ the stars of the milky way on our way down, this night however there was full snowstorm as we navigated down and even had our lights turned off, I knew the way down. One of the guests had tears in his eyes while hiking down, I asked ‘are you ok’? His answer was ‘I have never been better, this is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life, I feel one with the weather, the forest and the mountain’ he said, then strutted on. This I may say was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had with a guest in the mountains"  



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