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Joost Lindeman

Founder Be Better My Friend


Joost has been building brands since the start of his career in 2001 and believes that brands are crucial for making people's lives easier and more valuable. However, he also believes that the old way of building brands must stop, and new brands must prioritize doing good for people, the planet, and profit.


"Being an entrepreneur with Be Better My Friend since 2021, my mission is to reduce pastry's reliance on animal-derived ingredients with a plant-based butter that promises a 1:1 ingredient swap with dairy-butter. The benefits of this switch include a purer taste, 79% less carbon emissions, 86-97% less water usage, and lower ingredient costs.


While creating your own company and brand is tough, having the freedom to build something of your own that fits my purpose of 'creating bold brands that bring good change' is a rewarding adventure and worth fighting for. And even if it starts small, it is better to be a chicken's head than a bull's tail, as a famous Japanese chef once said.

If we have the opportunity to be together in nature, let us share each other's dreams, challenges and ideas for creating brands that do better. Our future generations demand us to bring change. As I don’t see us stop travelling and consuming, the only thing we have to ensure is to create and do more better things."

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