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Jaqueline Smit

Founder of Dis Donc




Jaqueline Smit is a lover of life, foodie, and champagnista with a clear focus on service, product knowledge, and sharing joy. Born in the year Sony launched the first Walkman and when YMCA was number one on the charts. She grew up in a typically Dutch family of entrepreneurs in the middle of the country, with the core values of treating people, animals, and nature with respect. After her "wild years," she traveled all over the Netherlands and is now happily settled in the Burgundian province of Brabant.

Wild years:


Through the backstage life of the rock 'n' roll scene and theater, she became acquainted with champagne and the leisure industry. Jacqueline has more than 10 years of experience in focusing on the most energetic and creative part of theater, festivals, and the most memorable corporate events.


By using her talent and network for Dis Donc, a creative twist in her work is not excluded, and special requests are often achievable. You might come across a unique story on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


During a trip to Paris, she got "lost" and ended up in the Champagne region due to curiosity about this mythical bubble. She got out of the car and was introduced to the non-commercial side of the Champagne region and wine!

The result of this goosebumps moment was an instant love for this masterful sparkling wine and the beautiful region. In the bubbles of the local champagne families, exceptional quality, love, perseverance, and craftsmanship could be tasted.


Once back in the Netherlands, it was impossible at the time to obtain these quality champagnes at an affordable price.

Since then, she has been searching for top-quality, independent small champagne families who wanted to deliver their product to Dis Donc.


With a lot of persuasion, she was able to bring a very nice selection of benchmark champagnes to the Netherlands, despite the question, "do the Dutch drink champagne?"


"Since 2013, Dis Donc has been a reality. What started as my hobby in 2006 has grown into a professional company that supplies champagne to the high-end Horeca, wholesalers, and wine specialty shops throughout the Netherlands. I'm super proud of our partnership with our champagne domains, where we provide import, distribution, and promotion services!"

Jaqueline can be booked for 'high end' champagne- and wine tastings.

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