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Gijsbert Schutten

Founder Liberté Tiny Houses


The beauty of designing and making something beautiful.  The joy of building a clients dream. The passion for wood and natural materials. The process of turning someone's ideas into a place you can call 'home'. 
All these things are the foundations of Liberté Tiny Houses. It's all about freedom. The freedom of designing your own house. The freedom of living with just what you need. The freedom of actually owning your own house and take it with you on life's journey.

Founded  in 2017 by Gijs Coumou and Gijsbert Schutten, Liberté Tiny Houses did create already 20 tiny houses, cabins and prefab units all over the Netherlands and even in Belgium and Scotland. Now with a team of 10 people we continue to make our vision of sustainable living reality and help people make their own dream come true.


Gijsbert is co-founder of Liberté Tiny  Houses and lives in a tiny house together with his wife and 2 kids since 2017. He has  been involved with several tiny house community projects and loves to share his passion for a new way of living with decision makers, project-developers and  land-owners.  

In the session 'Building the dream' Gijsbert will explore the impact of 'home' in a person's life with you. He activates you to think outside the box, talks about our ideal way of living and what kind of house would fit this way. 
During this session you will design a (tiny) house and build a scale model. 

Interested in building a tiny office with your team? Let's talk!

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