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Femke Krone



Femke, daughter of a Latvian ballet dancer and Dutch sports teacher with a passion for jazz music, received her first drum set at age 4. At high school, the drum seat was already taken, and Femke found herself checking out all kinds of percussion instruments.

Soon she fell in love with the congas and started to explore the world of percussion & sounds, enjoying the freedom to sing, move her body and dance along to the beats she was part of. She started playing with all kinds of musicians, exploring a wide variety of musical styles. Her talents did not go unnoticed for long and she was hired by major Dutch star René Froger for her first professional tour. Many tours, recordings, TV and Radio sessions, with many different artists followed.

Since 12 years now, Femke got involved in educating and motivating people to make music and enjoy life, by giving percussion workshops, involving voice and movement. She has created different programs for different ages and purposes. She has worked with groups of children and teenagers as well as groups of medical doctors, managers and others. 

Femke loves the stage and spotlight, she loves the intimacy of the recording studio (check the video below!) and she loves to teach and motivate people.

'Cajon is one of my favorite instruments, the sound, the wood, the beat, the groove, it's great to play with a group of people, or by yourself making your own Cajon and learn how to play it! It's a beautiful feeling!'


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