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Ellen Mookhoek

Hunter & Forager

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Ellen Mookhoek is a forager and one of the few female hunters in the Netherlands. Growing up among fields and orchards, she studied history at the University of Amsterdam. In her last job, she coached people in behavior change. Ten years ago, she stopped working for a boss to be able to work full-time with her hands in the earth and returned to her old love: nature.


As a vegetable gardener, she discovered the world of edible wild plants. While hunting for mushrooms and herbs, she also became interested in harvesting her own meat. Hunting and slaughtering completed the palette of eating from nature. She then founded De Brede Moestuin. Under this banner, she advises on the construction of edible gardens and guides people on eating from nature.

"love for nature goes through the stomach"!

Ellen can be booked to host sessions and/or to speak about foraging, hunting, construction of edible gardens. 


During the Goose workshop, you will learn how to transform a dead goose into delicious food. After the workshop, you will be able to independently skin and bone birds. This is a beautiful step in knowing where your food comes from.

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