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Doede Wessels

Outdoor Trainer - Program Support


"Ask someone how he or she is doing and the answer is (almost) always "Good, busy". But who does take the time to really pay attention to his environment? Do you know where you are or what you are doing? Especially being outdoors you do not experience time but you do experience elements. My contribution to the special events team is energy and fun. Experience something unique together and enjoy it later."

There seems to be a big difference between a hike on the Veluwe or an (alpine) tour in high mountains, but these are areas where Doede can be found independently or likes to stay with a group. He once discovered outdoor sports through the Scouts and since then adventures went on. Being a nice trekking in winter in Swedish Lapland or a climbing expedition in Kyrgyzstan. But besides going abroad there are always nice new challenges to be found in the Netherlands. Floating on a raft on a river for 2 days or a beautiful trip with a canoe. Short 24-hour adventures to change your mind. It gives peace and provides insight.

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