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Design a Light

from 2 hrs - half day | max 30 people/session | year through


A creative session with switching on the light as a final result! Tree-branches, plexiglass, wine boxes, a pile of wood, wall plugs, a diverse collection of colored cable and some LED bulbs. Create your own Light Design, with our wide range of light giving possibilities!

Individually or in teamsettings you will design a lamp. We offer several options. Our Master Maker will guide and support you where you need. 


From abstract looking lamps with the use of underlayment, wooden Pilars, MDF, steel, copper or plexiglass into adjusting used wine-boxes into light boxes. Or giving it a natural look by the use of tree-branches and / or feathers found on the beach or in the forest. 


The above can also be combined:

From a small table lamp to a big standing lamp, from minimalistic to big and graphical.  

  • Colors of the wired cables can be customized 

  • Final design will be supplied with LED bulbs only!

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