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Corporate Tribe Art

from 1,5 - 3 hrs - full day | max 30 people/session | year through


During this sessions we will guide you in creating, building and presenting a sculpture that will stand for your teams ambition, vision and factors of succes.

Everything starts with a good concept! As a team you will start with creating a mood/storyboard filled with ideas. Step by step we will activate you to bring it down to the core and highlight some topics to use as metaphor during your presentation.


After your concept is ready you go out to search for all kind of objects that can be used in the sculpture. You can think of driftwood, strange shaped branches, feathers, fishing nets, ropes, sea shells, stones and all kind of plastic waste. Through cleaning up we also support something good for our environment at the same time!  


As soon as we collected enough items, we head back to our mobile workstation where all tools are prepared to create a meaningful and artistic piece of art.

Before we will end the session each team has to come up with a good story and pitch their piece of art to the group, to add value and meaning to what they have just made.

No time for a walk?

  • we can provide all needed building materials

  • this session can be used as a Clean-Up project.

  • your own company residual waste products can be ideal to use as building materials.

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