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Art Class

from 1,5 hrs - half day | max 50 people/session | year through

Rombout Oomen 1.jpg

Painter, drawer, curator, publisher, designer and gardener


Rombout Oomen is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Although his main profession is painting and drawing, he developed a wide range of skill to still his need to understand and build things. Oomen thinks and works as a practical visual artist. He likes to take you on a journey throughout the way of seeing things from another perspective, in relation to our history and the world we live in today.

A workshop, might it be either a lecture on art, its history in relation to politics and society; a studio session on how to paint and draw; developing a practical form which has been abstractly swirling around in your head or company, or just hang out and fulfill your imagination and fantasy with new ideas and render them for real. 

Oomen might just be the man you need to clear up your idea, water and prune the woods of imagination. You might be left with a richer and fuller perspective on how things, your things, go.

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