Soap Box

from 3 hrs - full day | 30 + people/session | Whole year


Design- and construction skills, creativity, fun & competition; this session is all about teamwork. Which team will create the most technical and sharp looking Soap Box?

As a team you start from scratch with first taking a good look at all materials that are sorted and organized for you. First think, than act, so per team we start off with making a proper design. Measuring and calculating is everything!  

Tools, wheels & wheel axle, steering chord, wood, handsaws, screws, screwdrivers, bolts & dregs, and a wide range of painting colors are set-up in the mobile workstation. 

We can built in competition elements with which each team can earn parts needed to finalize the Soap Box. Of course a 'safe & controlled' racing element will take place at the end.