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Selfa Verlaat

Founder Campfire Stories


Selfa is the founder of Campfire Stories a micro- festival for Doers and Change-makers. The community is centered around immersive workshops, inspiring talks, honest food cooked over fire and time spent outdoors. 

Selfa has over 17 years of experience in organizing high level events for clients like Nike, Heineken, Rabobank & Vodafone. Since 3 years she only takes on events that embrace sustainability. She loves taking meetings outside!


Her main event is an annual gathering set in the Dutch countryside that welcomes people to share in a weekend full of inspiration, ideas, nature, craft and outdoor fun. The event has been mindfully designed to be an intimate and immersive experience, with only 100 tickets available and an exciting line-up of storytellers, change-makers, creative doers and thinkers who will share their stories and skills. It’s an opportunity to press pause on our busy lives, reconnect with ourselves and nature, and reflect on the good things in life. 


"Hi, I’m Selfa. I love spending time in nature, pushing the boundaries of what I feel comfortable with, and exploring new ideas and skills. I find that these experiences make me feel alive; they deepen my connection with the world around me; they heighten my curiosity; and they enable me to see this planet for the beautiful place it is. But I’ve always struggled to put into words the positive impacts these experiences have on me so I may inspire others to get up and get out too."

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