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SAV Tasting

from 1 hr | max 50 people/session | year through


SAV is the Swedish word for sap and is vinified from pure birch sap, which captures the essence of spring, the soul, and the terroir of Jämtland. During this unique tasting you can taste the Swedish forests!

The SAV tasting will be hosted by Jaqueline Smit. Through her company Dis Donc she is only distibutor of SAV in The Netherlands. Jaqueline also works directly with champagne families in France to promote their quality in the Netherlands. She supplies top-quality champagnes to the country's leading gastronomy.

SAV Sparkling Elixir is a unique sparkling birch wine from the forested region of Jämtland in northern Sweden. Harvested and produced by SAVhuset according to a traditional recipe from 1785.

In the polar regions, birch sap has been used since ancient times to provide the body with a boost of vitamins and minerals after the long winter season. SAVhuset draws inspiration from the ancient forests of Jämtland, where nature and the forest are always close by and are the basis for everything one needs (and even more than that). For this reason, SAVhuset takes extra care of the forests, with each tree carefully monitored and required to be at least 30 years old. Birch sap is harvested in the spring, between early April and mid-May, without harming the trees, as the tap is carefully sealed.

As a supplement we can offer:

- A Tree Knowlegde Masterclass with high focus on the Birch, also known as 'the lady of the forest' 

- An Outdoor Cooking Class where original Salmon Smoking will be present!

- A Storytelling Session combined with making fire

- food pairing (with small bites)

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