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Portrait Drawing

full day | max 20 people/session | year through


In this session, guided by artist Frank Verbrugge, you will experience how it feels like, drawing or painting freely on paper or canvas. Without having to worry about likeliness we will loosen up first and explore some ways of expressing yourself through the use of a variety of materials, in an abstract way. From charcoal to pencil, ink and paint

Once to get hooked on a medium you prefer, we go one step further and pick a selfie. Now we will work on getting into a creative flow.  From observing yourself, feeling who you are, you will translate emotions into a visual expression. There is no such aim like reaching likeliness or learning a technique. The art will manifest itself the way it comes. 


The result is nothing but the process of crafting your feelings and observations in a visual. What you will take home, will be a first reflection of an inner meeting with yourself and maybe a new discovery of yourself.

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