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Plant Medicine

from 3 hrs - full day | max 20 people/session | Spring, Summer, Fall


Herbalist Kim Bell will take you on a journey through nature and will tell you all about the ancient knowledge of herbal medicine

You will never look at the weeds in your garden the same way after this Maker Session with herbalist Kim Bell. Kim will take you on a journey through nature. Modern medicine is based on ancient knowledge about plants and herbs and is still alive and kicking. Knowledge told from one generation to the next. Kim will tell you all about it while foraging to make your own ‘all natural’ medicine


This Maker Session can be realized on a location that you prefer. Depending on the amount of time available, it is possible to prepare a simple lunch with ingrediënts that we harvested during our walk.


In a relaxed setting you will learn to look at the environment you live or work in, in a different way. It also provides you with a whole new perspective on your own health.

Kim Bell is a licensed herbalist and specialized food & health coach.

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