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Jonas Lindskog †

Outdoor trainer & Event support


Ask me what's the best place on earth and I will immediately answer with Värmland! The beauty of landscapes in Sweden, forests and lakes mixing into a rough mix of pureness and wilderness.

Värmland is just where I like it the most, the area where I was born, the area what I call 'Home'.


Here I feel safe out in the nature,

even with wild animals as bears and wolfs are present. 


Here I can fish, hunt and prepare it over an open fire.


Here I can drink the water directly from the lake. 


Here it's silent, Here it's clean, Here it's wild,


Here it's all what outdoor living is about,

and here you can experience it from -30 to +30°c.


From frost in the beard to the loveliest summer day,

for me Värmland is heaven on earth!


Guess many of you would feel the same coming here.

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