Felting a Chair Seat

from 1,5 hrs for one seat /  3 hrs for two seats | max 15 people/session | Summer


In this workshop you will make a seat cover of felt, with the raw fleece of shorn sheep. A 100% woolen seat and the sheep stay alive. A beautiful and decorative accessory for in your house. A cozy and creative session in which you will learn about wool and fibres, including your making your own small sheep seat cover of 40x40cm. Experience is not needed, we will help you! 


Natalie only uses the wool of locally shorn sheep, whose hair will grow back until the next sheering session. Most sheepskins that you see in home deco stores are tanned skins, including the leather of the animal. Natalie has chosen for the animal friendly version of a sheep rug, where only the wool is being used to make a beautiful and fluffy sheep rug. The sheep itself can go back into the paddock after shearing.

The wool that Natalie uses is completely natural, free form pesticides and other chemicals. It is regional and partly from her own flock of shee

"Wool is a product of nature with amazing qualities, is sustainable and circular and will last a lifetime, as fibres will maintain all positive properties, after that wool is 100% compostable. Wool is water repellent due to the structure of it's fibre and has excellent ventilating qualities. Wool fabric is known for its natural ability to resist dirt, stains and spills, because of the lanolin, the natural wool wax. Wool is warm and soft"

"Sheep are actually small 'fibre factories', as they 'give' wool every year and it just grows back by itself again, without major impact on the environment and society. On a global basis there is a 3 billion tonnes wool production each year, which makes the wool fibre available as a raw material to make fantastic products with, which I love to share with you!"