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Custom Winebox

from 1,5 hrs - half day | max 30 people/session | year through


Personalize one of the most popular gifts into a light cube, letterbox or wall case. Your gift will even be more special to give! A real Re-design project! 

Light boxes with colored plexiglas, 3D tekst boxes, a multifunctional wall-case, a painted, hand-drawn or a pyro-burned toolbox, you name it! A wine box can be used for more than only packing a bottle of wine. We provide a wide range of options.


We arrange all needed tools and gear and can supply wine- and champagne boxes in all different sizes. From single small boxes into magnum- double-, triple sized or even bigger sized boxes.

  • Colors used for the wired cables can be arranged tailor made. 

  • Light-boxes will be supplied with LED bulbs only, colors on request.

  • On request we can arrange a nice selection of wines to finish of

  • We can create DIY Boxes to be used as Christmas Gifts.

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