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Chantal de Wolde

Visual Artist - Sculptur - Up-Cycling Artist - Art Teacher

2019 - Chantal op hert.jpg

Chantal is based in her studio in Zwolle as a visual artist  / sculptor. This place is bursting with creativity and also serves as an exhibition space for her artworks. Her sculptures  are characterized by many colors, raw materials, natural and technical influences. In addition to all these elements, the reuse of materials is central to her work. Through years of experience, Chantal knows the creative process and the development of creativity from within and applies this on a daily basis. 

In addition to being a visual artist / sculptor, Chantal has been working as a teacher in art education for many years. She offers various workshops and school projects for both primary and secondary education and at events. The almost childlike playfulness that Chantal's work has, is often combined with the workshops she provides. It gives the workshops a unique and quirky look. Chantal would like to convey the playful link between her own artistry and her workshops to the students. That is why she transforms the workshop space into a true workplace. During this process, Chantal gives the students the space to express their thoughts and ideas in a visual way. 


"I get my inspiration from nature, materials, shapes and colors. I am a real builder and collector. I transform used materials and combine them with new materials, so that a unique object is created". 

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