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Bart van der Valk

Ski Bootfitter & Ski Builder


"You made my wintersport holiday!" , or "I enjoyed every single ski-run without having pain, the first time ever!" and "my handcrafted ski's are doing fine, today someone asked if he could buy them from me!"

To receive messages like these from a client's holiday address, is why I truly love my work. As a bootfitter I aim to customize, the most comfortable skiboots, without any pain and with the perfect fit to control you ski's. Next to that I provide skibuilding workshops where people can design and built their own handcrafted pair of ski's.  This give me the feeling I'm part of my clients holiday experience! 

Yes, I do work with hydraulic tools in my workstation, but the artisan way, working with my hands gives me the most joy. Clients often describe my shop and workstation as a cosy living room, like a Scandinavian mountain coffee bar, where I try to create a personal atmosphere for my clients. Each conversation always starts with a good cup of coffee. 


I started my career as a wintersportspecialist in giving many trainings to wintersport retailers, worked as a sales-rep for A-brands in the wintersport branche. 6 years ago I made my step to start as an independent ski-bootfitter with my company Kustømaid. 

Bart provides ski-building sessions. In a craft session of 2 days you will create and design a full customized pair of ski's. As a Master Maker he will guide you in every step of the process and will ignite you with his knowledge and (wintersport) story’s! (this sessions is also mobile)

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