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Bamboo Ski Poles

from 1,5 hrs | max 30 per session | year through


Design and create your own full customized ski pole from bamboo. You will definitely stand out from the ski-crowd as none will look the same as yours. These ski poles will look iconic on your wall too!

Bamboo is a super strong and lightweight eco-friendly material. The type of bamboo we use is best suited for making ski-poles out of it. Flexibility, torsion stiffness, durability, lightweight are characteristics that best subscribe bamboo.   


You can define your personal ski preference into your own design. When you are a true carving speedracer you will probably choose for the small baskets and a thinner diameter of bamboo. More focus on freeride skiing? Then our big baskets and a bigger diameter bamboo pole will suit best. Vintage style? What do you think of full leather hand straps and cork grips? Finish them of with your own hand-painted color design and  a touch of lacquer. Our bamboo poles are also suited for Nordic Walking and can be used as a normal walking stick too. 

In a craft session starting from 1,5 hours you will create and design your own full customized bamboo ski pole. Our Master Makers Bart van der Valk & Stijn van Oss will guide you in every step of the process and will ignite you by sharing their passion for handcrafts and their knowledge of wintersport.  

This session is mobile and can be held outside. We can add a campfire, hot chocolate, Glühwein, Jägerthee, a Swedish Fika (Coffeebreak) or some typical mountain snacks to the session. 

Note; be prepared when taking your own designed skipoles to the slopes! Many people will ask you where you bought your pair of ski poles, how cool is that?  

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