24 Hours Back to Basic

Escape into the wild, get creative with your hands and reignite your team's passion.

24 hr Back to Basic

Head into nature with our 'Back to Basic' Experiences. Get ready to embrace your wilder self as you step out of the rat race and into the great outdoors. 

We explore, perform, inspire and create, using our creativity and collective vision to instill a positive mindset through epic experiences. Experiences that will unite your people and improve and enrich team commitment. We will take you out of your comfort zone, trigger curiosity, and activate your inner creativity—individually or as a group.

Heading off the beaten track and into the wild, you will reconnect, acquire new skills, and find the physical and mental space to share, embrace and explore this unique team experience. 

Held in inspiring or remote settings, produced and executed sustainably, our experiences are a combination of storytelling, creative maker sessions, and outdoor clinics. We also like to integrate a little seasonal flavor and flair where appropriate—taking full advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer.


Awaken your creativity with a selection out of our wide range of inspiring Maker Sessions. Get a fresh perspective, increase your oxygen intake and productivity, and leave the digital distractions at the office!

Each experience is tailored to your needs and requirements, so everyone can return to reality refreshed and focused for the business challenges ahead.

While we do have the capacity to serve big groups, big isn't always better. We believe in creating an intimate setting where participants can really connect, work as a team and achieve the desired results.

Our experiences are suited for groups up to 30 participants. 

Do you want to escape into the wild? Do you want get creative with your hands? Do you need to reignite something in your team? 

Ready to really unwind? Contact us for info on our 24/48/72/96 hour experiences in The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Scotland.

Check the video below to get an impression. A compilation of one the many 24 hour experiences we have produced for Bergans of Norway in The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Scotland.